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Liberty Battson Portrait of Tigerwoods, Lance Armstrong and Oscar Pistorious. 2K Automotive Paint on Canvas 2013 (Sold) Ellerman House Private Collection

Liberty Battson, Fine Artist, 10,09% of this Canvas is a splat. 70 x 120 cm 2K Automotive paint on Canvas 2013 (Top: Sold)

Liberty Battson, Fine Artist White, Red, Blue 50 x 180 cm 2K Automotive Paint on Canvas 2013

Liberty Battson, Fine Artist, Did you know? 50 x 180 cm 2K automotive Paint on Canvas 2013 Merit award Sasol New Signatures 2013 (Sold) Sasol corporate Collection

Liberty Battson, '65% of Elvis Impersonators are Asian' (left) '20% of squirrels cannot remember where they placed their nuts' (right), 2K automotive paint on canvas.