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Three little plums from the farmers market - end of the season as we head into fall.

Paulette Tavormina's still life photography. Make these arrangements and reuse the produce.

Contemporary Artists of Colorado: Tracy Wall -- "Sunset Lemons"

Vincent Van Gogh - Post Impressionism - Arles - Nature morte - Still Life - 1888

This is what I want the living room to feel like: green plants, rich color, texture.

i can't stand the city... so full of bad energy, man made energy, not God made energy... i was watching a vid about the illuminati and they said that if people discovered their connection with nature then the illuminati would have no power over them... isn't that odd? they force everyone into cities, chain them to e-devices, and monsanto kills off all the farmers... it's a strange time to be alive

from Etsy

Garden Tomatoes original still life oil painting by Moulton 6 x 6 inches on panel prattcreekart

Tomates de jardin original nature morte Huile sur toile de Moulton 6 x 6 pouces sur panneau prattcreekart

from divine beauties

Mariama Diallo // mariamadiallo_

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This is to amazing for words to describe When I was a kid, and we saw the rays of the sun shining through the clouds like this we always thought that's where Heaven was.