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How to Thread Your Eyebrows Fast and Simple

And you are done! Maybe a few fixes with a tweezer and tada! Super fast and super easy!

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Baby Food Face-Off!! Homemade Baby Food

Homemade Baby Food | | A break down of the cost benefits

Super easy pumpkin rice Krispies. Heat one bag of large marshmallows + 3 tbsp of butter in LARGE bowl for 2 minutes in the microwave. Stir to create fluff. Mix in 8 drops red and 5 drops yellow food coloring. Stir in 6 cups of Krispies. Butter your hands and make balls. Put on wax paper to cool. Cut and shape green or brown tootsie rolls for stems. Tada!

Baby food jars (baby food on sale for .78c), old book (Salvation Army .69c) and bouquet of flowers (1 bunch $1 at Walmart; bottom cut to use individual stems). Super cheap... and no gluing or sewing needed. ;) Place the paper inside and wrap a twine bow! Tada!

Rainbow Splatter Cupcakes: Use White Cake Mix (prepare as directed), seperate into cups and mix food color. Layer different colors in each cupcake liner and drizzle different colors over the top. TADA! Awesome cupcakes!

Homemade Finger paint! Super easy: 2 tablespoons sugar 1/3 cup cornstarch 2 cups cold water 1/4 cup clear liquid dish soap food coloring or food coloring paste Stir sugar and cornstarch together in pan, slowly add cold water, cook over low until mixture looks like clear gel, add dish soap, divide into containers with lids, add food coloring and TADA! Homemade finger paints.

It's super easy! Get a bottle (I used a Nantucket Nectar one). Then you get food coloring and water put it in a small bowl and soak marshmallows in it take them out wait till they dry stick them in the bottle and TADA!