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8 Children's Movies That Are Actually Horror Films

The Best Wizard of Oz Birthday Party ideas

The Best Wizard of Oz Birthday Party ideas Love this it is attached to the ceiling fan- DL

The Wizard of Oz - light switch cover plate

Wizard of Oz 2

Wizard of Toto has blood in his eyes and he's going to wreak some fucking havoc on OZ. It's mind boggling that there is a “Saw” trilogy and this will never see the big screen. Big fail, hollywood. This is the best film you'll never make.

The orphanage of misfit babes collection. Life size electric chair with lightning effect lights.. $175.00, via Etsy.

This could be made w doll hands, lacquer and a cheap mirror. Hmm. Could be fun in a super elegant space!! Gotta add a little humor in every room,right?