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There is a book like this! A character falls in love with a character in a book and she has to try and figure out how to get him out of the book. It is called Between the Lines by Jodi Picult and her daughter.

THANK YOU 100,000+ FOLLOWERS!!!When I started 4-Panel Life I never expected it to gain on audience outside my group of friends, and deeefinitely never something like this!It’s been so amazing having so many of you read my comics and follow this blog, and to receive so much support and kind words ever since the startI hope to continue bringing you all new comics you’ll enjoy!Thank you so much to each and every one of you!!!

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...And while this all happens, a useless paper clip asks if you want to make a spreadsheet. Welcome to Microsoft Word, everyone.

Remember the pantry organization story I shared in November? I have to say that was one of my favorite posts of 2015, and with the new year bringing with it resolutions to put life in order, it only seems fit to share the tools I used to make the project happen! It truly felt so good to transform …

This, right here, is one of the most perfect things I have ever read. I know what i'm doing for my next assignment in English!

That is just straight up MESSED UP!! Many, many, MANY celebrities have saved lives!! It doesn't matter what type of music they make, they don't even have to make music! It can be anyone, any celebrity, any band member, if they're saving lives, if they have saved YOUR life. THEY. ARE. IMPORTANT.

My main goal in life is not, and it never will be to get married or have children. Yes, I do daydream about those things, but that is never going to be my sole focus. I am going to make my life as happy as possible, so if either of those things happen to me, then my life will be even better and I'll be happier.