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Great Pyrenees Puppy. These dogs are my absolute favorite!

Feed Pictures - Great Pyrenees Great Pyrenees Is The Largest Dog Breed In United

bernese mountain dog mixed with husky

A Great Pyranees puppy - we adopted Katie at a year old and missed this part. I bet she was a cutie.

Great Pyr Puppy..looks just like Hurley Hoo but without the badger markings!

Arnie the Great Pyrenees. all i want is a freaking PUPPY! Like my Lexi

Great Pyrenees- I like this breed for protective support and loyalty.

On the hunt for a friend for my jack Russell---Great Pyrenees.seriously as large as a small horse. But also the sweetest, most gentle dog that I have ever met!


We adopt Great Pyrenees puppies in need. Our current baby, Zenji, is one year of age and weighs 160 pounds and stands of 6 feet tall on his back legs. Huge dogs of love!