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My Jeffrey's half sibling is all over the Internet like here just one example - they are the easiest dogs to have, especially for people with allergies. Mine is a medium Goldendoodle, this precious is a mini, same father as mine, Super smart fast learners very attached to their family

✨The eyes of an Airedale are the windows to their sweet and wonderful soul✨✨

Fox. When Queen guitarist Brian May performed at the closing ceremony of the…

from BuzzFeed

The 35 Most Touching Photos Ever Taken


lab mix, with chimera? notice the eye color difference and coloring splitting in the face

Foxes are known to have both canine and feline characteristics. Even though they are considered to be a member of the dog family, they have feline characteristics such as vertically slit eyes and retractable claws. They are excellent tree climbers and also play with their prey before killing it, just like a cat.

This #GreatDane looks so sweet. Look at those eyes. #BigDogs