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Jane Jacobs was right: New ideas need old buildings

Jargon Watch: Jane-washing

These are not free spaces. They are not public spaces. They have nothing in common with Jacob’s observations of what makes a city work. In fact, these places accelerate inequality, and exacerbate difference. ‘Jane washing’ is a form of disguised exclusion because it makes those who are not welcome disappear.

Cities Need Change: The Durability of Jane Jacob's Legacy

Will self-driving cars lead to grade-separated cities?

GM Futurama | get grade-separated walkways like Norman Bel Geddes designed for General Motors in their Futurama at the 1939 World’s Fair, and they have built in downtown Hong Kong.

How to Foster Civic Engagement in the Age of Twitter

Too often community engagement can be seen as an afterthought, carried out in a dull and unengaging way. But does it always have to be this way? In...

In London, like New York, they are building deposit boxes, not housing

Coding for Character: The Architecture of Community | PlaceMakers / Urban Design Mystic, Leon Krier, defined the following basic elements of community.