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Daryl is like my friend holding me back from killing someone

Carl and Rick then and now. Some of my most favorite scenes are between these two.

You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

Carol and Daryl. Idk how many times I have pinned their reunion but I'm not going to stop

In my defense he was touching... IDK IM OUT CAUSE HE.NEVER TOUGHT DARYL SO I CANT PUT UP A FIGHT lol

Not sure if this is true for worldwide, but she's definitely the first walker we ever see time wise. Fear TWD

I luv this part. I feel that it's been to long since Carl has done something like a normal teenage boy, and for right now, Enid seems okay, so I be happy for them. ❤️

I liked the character of Daryl Dixon long before I noticed that Norman Reedus is attractive. In fact, I didn't develop my crush on Norman Reedus and his ...