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Charlie Day - 'Shep' His role in Pacific Rim was so good and a really good glimpse at what he would be capable of as Shep. #Shep #solidintangibles @kadedavies

Five Questions With Charlie Day

I think Charlie Day is fricken adorable and I LOVE him in Horrible Bosses

Charlie Day- Shep. With 100% honesty, Shep's character was written for Charlie, and not a single other person. From the very beginning, there's been no one else, but not only that, this was the only time the actor inspired me to create the character around them. And if it works, I don't think anything could be more powerful. #Shep #solidintangibles @kadedavies

Gustaf Skarsgård - Another excellent actor from Vikings. I feel that he shares equal characteristics with Jovah Zuri and Shep. #Jovah #Shep #SolidIntangibles @kadedavies

Ilana Glazer - Yonah Dietrich She has so much personality, from the very first episode of Broad City I immediately saw her as Yonah. #solidintangibles @kadedavies