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Marla Marchants 3D Printed Footwear #strangtshoes #uniqueshoes #weirdshoes Maybe something for 3D Printer Chat?

If you like this pin you are going to LOVE listening to Leigh Michele at Leigh Michele is a mezzo-soprano who's voice can soar with the angels or walk with the sultry and deep. Leigh Michele has been on the top 10 for So. FL Jazz Artists since June 2009, Though she is known for her Jazz talents, Leigh's range covers all genres of music, from Country to Rock and everything in between and over 70 years of music! Be sure to become a fan!

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One day, while working for a shoe shop, I hopped on the net and Googled “weird shoes”, out of curiosity. What eventuated under the images tab was a collection of some of the strangest footwear I have ever seen.