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Denne her tror jeg må tas i bruk med Max. Han er flink å komme når man roper på han og han er løs, men han er ikke flink å gå fint i bånd :p

7 Easy Hacks to Stop Leash Pulling by Your Dog

Enjoy Walking Your Dog: Stop Leash Pulling! Tired of taking your 20 lb dog for a walk and feeling like your wrestling a team of sled dogs across Antarctica? Check out these 7 easy hacks to stop leash pulling and start enjoying your walk again. Leash Pulling: Embarrassing And Dangerous Nothing is better than being …

BORI - A1100547 - - Manhattan Please Share:TO BE DESTROYED 01/05/17 **ON PUBLIC LIST** A volunteer writes: From my own encounter as well as from outstanding volunteers’ comments on his walking log, I can fairly say that Bori is a very pleasant youngster to spend time with. He is calm and collected in his kennel and accepts the leash easily. Bori is a good looking young man, still with a puppy face although his body is all grown up. I love his dotted scarf, bib, mitte

Cool Things for Dog Walking

We have lots of cool dog walking stuff! We have carefully selected the best dog leashes, dog backpacks, dog harnesses, dog shoes and dog eyewear available for both city and country dog walks. We carry great dog flotation devices, such as dog life jackets

KRAMER - A1099627 - - Manhattan TO BE DESTROYED 01/08/17 A volunteer writes: OK, who’s going to tell Kramer he’s not a lap dog? I’m sure not, as he loves to cuddle and give kisses, and then sinks down between my legs and rolls over for a belly rub. Quiet in his kennel, and yes, a bit imposing looking because he’s a big boy, Kramer promised he’d be good on leash if I took him for a walk and he kept his promise! His leash manners are good, he ig

Training Your Cat to Walk on a Leash

Leash walking for cats is gaining more and more popularity these days, and that's because it's a safe alternative to letting our precious pets outside on their own. It provides them with much needed environmental enrichment while keeping them out of harm's way. Will you join the thousands of cat parents who are taking their kitties for walks? Here's how!

Walking On a Leash

Is your puppy clueless when it comes to walking on a leash? Check out these tips to successful leash training!