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Why We Love Katie McGrath: Because she loves reading.

why we love merlin. This is adorable, I love Katie's comments. "Girls naturally look like they've been dragged through a bush backwards?"

That makes two of us, Katie.

So @Lara McDowell , I totally think she looks like us in this picture. Almost a doppleganger! :)

I love it how Katie's reading a book, and Anthony's definitely playing Mario Kart...

"I like to think that Godric Gryffendor is the only Founder who didn't have descendants (that's why his sword has stayed always in Hogwarts) because he was desperately in love with Rowena and never left her despite her madness over her daughter's murder."

Colin Morgan and Katie McGrath. WHAT.WHAT. WHAT. WHAT. WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING??????????

Stop. This is gorgeous! ----->> WOOOOOWWWW

1)This is Morgana from Merlin 2)I want her dress 3)I. LOVE. HER CHARACTER