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Nonperishable Food Report Card- I Just love this post and the way it exposes toxic un -healthy foods and the ingredients you should be avoiding if you want to stay healthy. Excellent pin!!!!! Very good learning experience if you aren't familiar with these foods.

How Much Vegetable Oil Should You Store? (personally, I say none because of the GMO factor and highly processed factor, but ymmv)

Bic Lighters, Winter Hat, Bullion Cubes, Baby Wipes, Glow Sticks, Paper Maps, Paper Plates, Ziplock Bags, Tabasco Sauce, Duct Tape

Home Made MRE ideas - this is very useful and inspirational. Also realistic, unlike some ideas I have seen, particularly regarding weight, variety etc.

Prepared LDS Family: Why Stock Up on Paper and Plastic Items (this is a blog to follow. All kinds of food storage & emergency preparedness a little at a time!)