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All About Sleeves | Sleeve designs can be a little bit intimidating. Drafting them is kind of a science on its own, and it’s hard to imagine what shape you need to start with if you have no prior experience with patterning them yourself; trial and error is usually inevitable, and if you don’t have the time to commit to it, it’ll probably never get done. That’s why we’re bringing this All About Sleeves post to you!

"bag within a bag" construction, enables you to create 4 roomy exterior pockets when the inside/outside bags are stitched together. Inside there are more pockets/ plenty of space for everything you'll need. Use your imagination to combine fabrics, add quilting, machine embroidery, etc., to make one of the most attractive/practical bags you will ever own. (13" wide x 9-1/2" tall x 4" deep)

Create a window into another world. This beautiful pattern will give you a glimpse into a world only an imagination away each and every time you look at it. The pattern can be used for a small or large wall hanging, or even as a lap quilt. Finished sizes: Small wall hanging: 30" x 45" Large wall hanging: 39" x 50"

All About Sleeves (Mood Designer Fabrics Sewciety Blog)

Constructing a Sweatshirt Jacket. While I do not like the idea of a patchwork jacket, this could be done with various pieces of fabric that go together... all black patterns etc... added to with thread or paint, etc. Could be as under- or over-stated as you'd like, while being warm. Maybe use hoodie and cut into a collar?

Here are 14 strumming patterns to experiment with! Its easy to fall into the same old strumming pattern (I can be very guilty of this at times) But its great to explore and get used to playing lots of...

What colors of solid colored glass can you match up with these great fabrics!? Imagine the room this Christmas. :)