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I miss him being a teen << He hasn't been twenty for 24 hours and we're already crying that he's not a teen anymore. Only this fandom.

::Niall Horan:: "Hey, my names Niall. Yes, the Niall Horan from One Direction. I'm 21 and single. I like to sing and sleep. Stop by and say hi."

dailyniall: “ Listen now to hear chatting with You can listen on the Radio Disney app!

Repin for Niall like for t swift...... I think we all know the answer *cough* Nialler *cough* *cough*

We can all agree that niall wore it better is Taylor trying to become Katy Perry? Niall wore it better.

Niall Horan | for Billboard | emrosefeld |

I love you Niall you're the love of my life, my sweetheart , my everything, you're mine and no one can take you away from me.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. My baby daddy. Tho not really. But aaaaaaaa. I love this guy.

Glasses+Niall Horan= Hotness😍 Love you Niall💋

niall<3 i always get a warm feeling inside thinking about niall because we have a lot in common and he is evrything i have ever wanted in a guy and it hurts to know i will have to love someone else who isn't him because i know we will never meet and he would definately never feel the same:'( but here's to hoping and praying<3<3<3

i always get a warm feeling inside thinking about niall because we…