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Everyone, who knows me at least a little bit, knows, that I am more the "black-white-beige-grey" type of person. I've always tended to wear darker and more neutral colours. You can't imagine how many black items in my closet. Over the year my collection got pretty big. However style changes and develops, and so did mine. This year I kind of started to feel "bored" by the all neutral colours and started getting more and more colourful pieces. Baby pink, white, beige and baby blue got more and…

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Fall & winter fashion… ah, you gotta love it! I may not like being cold, but I love getting to wear big scarves & comfy sweaters! Oh, & boots!


7 Maneiras de Usar T-Shirt na Balada

Se inspire no estilo da blogueira italiana Chiara Ferragni na hora de montar seu look com camiseta para balada.