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The Birthday Present by Barbara Vine. When a member of Parliament stages a mock kidnapping of his mistress, things go horribly wrong.


The Silent Wife: A Novel

Writing was well done, though a bit pretentious. Had trouble mustering any sympathy for any of the characters. It's been touted as a "Gone Girl"-like novel but I didn't like it nearly as much.

In anticipation of her 12th birthday, Kay tears into a box she believes to be an early present. But the contents—printouts of racy emails between her father and his young lover—are anything but a gift. Pierpont’s lithe debut novel is a sensitive meditation on betrayal and the anger and despair that follow.

WHAT HAS BECOME OF YOU by Jan Elizabeth Watson -- What if a teacher’s most promising pupil is also her most dangerous? A tautly plotted psychological thriller, as intelligent as it is mesmerizing.