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Tumbleword — theforbiddencolors: Official’s Ear Pendant,...

Statement Necklace, Nepalese Red Coral Turquoise Necklace, Coral Turquoise Jewelry, Tribal jewelry, Turquoise Jewelry

Tibet Orange Copal Pendant, Baltic Amber & Turquoise Necklace & Earring Set~19"

Picture of a person from Tibet. They have very large pieces of jewelry on their head and even over their face. The jewelry piece itself is not particular or significant but the colors that are used are. The turquoise color is one that is very significant in the Tibetan culture.

Journey of hope man's handmade necklace - $19.00 Turquoise howlite chips, white puka shell beads, and Tibet silver beads combined together for a tribal look. The necklace is strung onto tigers tail wire for strength, durability and drape. Finished off with a barrel screw clasp.

Ngawa, Amdo, Tibet | Hand of an Amdo Tibetan man from Ngawa (Clearly a man because of the sword hilt). He wears some interesting old beads on his hand. Could the dzi bead in the ring on his middle finger be an ancient bead? If it were it would be worth a fortune. Photo by Ge Jialin (葛加林)

Soul Of Tibet Copal Amber and Turquoise Donut Pendant Necklace