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Tiara ca. 1850 - ca. 1860 This tiara is made from polished branches of coral. Coral is formed from the skeletons of tiny marine organisms. Most of the coral used in Victorian jewellery came from the seas around Italy, where it was fished between April and July. Various imitations of coral were available from the late 1800s. These included early plastics, stained ivory, and French 'coraline', made of coloured alabaster.© Victoria and Albert Museum, London

When you need to get the real story about some of history's most fascinating women, call Stacy Schiff. The Pulitzer Prize-winning author's work includes Véra (Mrs. Vladimir Nabokov) and Cleopatra: A Life. In her highly anticipated new book, The Witches: Salem, 1692, Schiff focuses on an infamous and dark period of American history, especially as it relates to women: the Salem witch trials.

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Pearl of the Orient

A Beautiful Pearl and Diamond Tiara.. Inspired from Empress Eugenie'S TIARA - Rose and Antique Cut Diamond wt: - Rose Cut Diamond Color: Tinted Brown - Rose Cut Diamond Clarity: -Gemstone- Pearl - Silver wt: - Silver Purity: