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Retro Modern Lighting Fixtures with Industrial Style Vibe

The unique lighting design that combined retro and modern ideas into hanging and table lamps with energy efficient LED bulbs looks unusual, original and impressive. These unique lighting fixtures , - table lamp sna d hanging lamps with a touch of industrial style attract attention and surprise. Lush

Steampunk-Inspired Lamps

designer Art Donovan - Designer Art Donovan creates a collection of steampunk-inspired lamps and lighting solutions. Steampunk is a science fiction sub-genre that is f...

[PIPE LAMP] PIPE STORY Produce and sell genuine handmade industrial vintage style pipe lamps. South KOREA

Industrial Art Black Pipe Table Desk Lamp with Reclaimed Hardwood

Industrial Art Black Pipe Table Desk Lamp with Reclaimed Wood. $140.00, via Etsy.

What Is Contemporary Design?

Let’s talk about contemporary design for a minute, shall we? It’s often confused with, or described interchangeably as, modern design. Although perhaps som

steampunktendencies: Octopus Candelabra by...