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"For me, as a quilter and dyer, my interest in Acorns lies in the natural mordant abilities. I use Acorns to set dyes with cotton and linen fabrics. So as I gather Acorns, I collect the caps, the shells, and the nut with the shell since all parts of the Acorn contain tannin."

KRISTINE VEJAR // Pioneering Modern Natural Dyes // “There’s a duality to natural dyeing that Kristine Vejar embraces: the naturalist and plant pigment explorer; the scientist and careful recipe creator.”

DIY wooden Texture Stamps - Easy to make! Allthough These look like broom stick handle pieces of Wood they are in fact a good bit bigger. Put a thick towel under whatever you print on it helps bring out the pattern better ;)

Fabric dye - Non-fading Pokeberry Recipe - Pokeberry colors range from bright fushia to magenta to raspberry, and will last for several years by following this recipe. Over-dyeing fabric in indigo, once the pokeberry is set, will give purples. The berries are gorgeous, but fatally toxic. WEAR GLOVES!

30 Amazing Plants From Your Garden To Use As Dye