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I'm Athiest ,but, seriously? You're basically saying religious people have no morality. Morality is basically perception of what one personally think is right. - added by Abortedwafflez at Morality vs. Religion

This majestic creature who doesn’t quite realize that there is glass in the way. | 61 Images Of Animals That Are Guaranteed To Make You Smile

"You're supposed to vote for Donald Trump..." | Kate was so cute in this sketch and it was so funny (and also kinda sad at the same time) | Kate McKinnon | Hillary Clinton | Hillary actually | Election 2016 | SNL | Saturday Night Live

San Francisco's Luxury Drug Rehab - Alta Mira Recovery Center - Contact our Private Admissions Counselors 24/7 - (855) 249-9905 - At Alta Mira Recovery Center, we believe that Pet's can help with recovery and healing process. #PetTherapy

this is not only funny but so cute and this is funny if you see someone who is reacting to this.

When the protagonist is walking somewhere alone at night and you know this just can’t end well.

hahahahaha Yato is probably the cutest god ever! His face.lol Hinami you're practically dead so its fine to date 1000+ yr old god. Hahaha Noragami

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