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Hillary Clinton’s “Sudden Move” Of $1.8 Billion To Qatar Central Bank Stuns Financial World | (10/16/16)

I guess Putin isn't in bed with Monsanto/Bayer, the way our government is. This is a sad commentary on our own government!

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20 Motivational Quotes to Start Your Week

SHANA JARA Creative Director & Coach of True Identity

If you look to the changes in food, and also to the drugs and chemicals which are prescribed, and even to those things which are sprayed in the air; much of their effect is to cause man to become more amenable. This is intended to make you ready or...

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The Introvert's Guide to Workplace Politics

Being an introvert isn't a bad thing. In fact, in the long run, it just might make you a stronger asset and better career woman. |

You are completely entitied to opinion that are not supported by evidence. But…

seriously, and some expect to be able to treat others bad and then are offended if you treat them the same way, kinda like when someone tells you what someone horrid said "not Nice" about you, then that same person gets in a HUGE snit if you tell them what someone had said "not Nice" about them, its a HYPERCRITICAL world at times....~RP~

I don't want anyone to vote for Hillary because I don't want the first female president to be a joke.

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Infographic: 29 Ways to be a better activist

We asked and ONE members delivered! Here are 29 ways to be a better activist. See how many total responses came in >> #one #activist