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Ancient Babylonian men depicted on the Ishtar Gate According to the ancient historian Herodotus, the Ancient Babylonians had no physicians. Instead the sick were laid on cots in public squares. Those who passed were required by law to ask about the sick man’s infirmity and offer advice if they knew anything about the illness.

Pirro Ligorio, Anteiquae urbis imago, Lossi reprint, 1773. Map in 12 parts of Ancient Rome recreated by Ligorio from his knowledge of ancient reliefs

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon in Ninevah, Iraq | Sennacherib's palace complex and a garden featuring trees hanging in the air on terraces and plants suspended on arches. The gardens were built in a series of terraces, buit up like an amphitheatre, with a lake at the bottom. Water was bought to the city and surrounding areas via a 60 mile long canal. Evidence of this structure, 300ft wide and 60ft deep at some points, remains on the landscape and can be seen on photographs taken by US…

Tintin in fhe Levant - Tanque y Camioneta

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