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Garth: Did you ever find Bugs Bunny attractive when he would put on a dress and play a girl bunny? Wayne: No. Hahaha. No. Garth: Me neither...I was just asking...

Never tell a fangirl that a character isn't real! (or she WILL use Rapunzel's frying pan for the worse)

meri-duh: “ROTBTD: A Normal Day for Hiccup. “Hiccup: “Dad told me I’m no viking again. Ugh! I want to smack-*gets hit by a tree*” Merida: “Stop ‘yer yapping Hiccup! Let’s go” *giggles away* Jack...

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Just Tumblr things..

that is totally the three cheers for sweet revenge album cover no one can tell me different

Rise of the Guardians - Gender Bending version and yeah .. Santys boobs ***** note - Im just edited word transgender to gender bending cause I just know these two words are not the same. Its my fault. English isnt my mother language T__T Sorry for my worse english make you feel bad about this and thank you for let me know. It will not happen again sorry

Disney characters in modern dress- and from Pixar. Just have to put it on the Disney board.

Jack and Elsa (It is growing on me a little... but Rapunzel is still better for him)

Instagram media by jelsa_4_life_ - #jelsa #wish #makeajelsamovie @disney @dreamworksanimation

I don't know whether I'd want to get on his bad side or not, weather wise, because that could mean a blizzard and a snow day or a blizzard and no power or resources. I think it'd just be best to stay on his good side, at least for me it's best :)