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New ways to learn a language and make it fun

CNA, Brazil's Language School, partnered with a pizza restaurant in Los Angeles and arranged for students in São Paulo to take the pizza orders of customers .

#Ubitech: El Robot, un compañero más de la familia @BlueFrogRobotic #8tendencias

#Ubitech: El Robot, un compañero más de la familia @BlueFrogRobotic #8tendencias

HP Photo Ball, great example of coming up with a relevant reason for a particular brand to be at an event rather than just as a badging exercise.

HP created an interactive experience during São Paulo’s biggest music festival: the HP Photoball was equipped with a wi-fi antenna and HD camera, registering fans’ reactions from an entirely new point of view!

Is This the Best Startup Launch Video Ever? If I lived in the States I'd join just because I like this guy.

Is This the Best Startup Launch Video Ever?

Fun commercial for Dollar Shave Club. It's time to shave time and shave money.

AbsorbPlate - Thai Health Promotion Foundation   肥宅不油,讓「吸油盤」替你吸吧! #AD #design - 肥宅不油,讓「吸油盤」替你吸吧!  所有人都知道「菜太油」意味著「易胖」與「不健康」,但泰國菜沒有這麼油就不美味啦! 曼谷BBDO為「泰國健康推廣中心」設計了一款名為「AbsorbPlate」的吸油盤子,除了真的可以減少人們吃下去的油量之外,也藉此傳達:少點油,真的比較健康喔。  每個盤子上有500個0.014ml的小洞,平均可以吸收盤子上7ml的油,降低約30大卡的熱量!  小小insight的務實創意解決方案,相當不賴。

Thai Health Promotion Foundation "AbsorbPlate" - From BBDO / Bangkok

Santander: The Jenson Button

Part two of Santander’s Secret Santa sees Jenson Button hidden inside of our special ATM. See what happens when our unsuspecting customers push the “Jenson” .

Norwegian - Next Stop New York By M&C Saatchi, Stockholm - THEINSPIRATION.COM

Watch Next Stop New York – the day we surprised over half a million commuters by turning Nationaltheatret Station in Oslo into Times Square Station.

Honda "Sound of Honda/Ayrton Senna 1989" -- Dentsu/Tokyo

Honda "Sound of Honda/Ayrton Senna -- Dentsu/Tokyo. This is a great visual interpretation of speed.