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Svensk sommar | A Beautiful Living - Amelia Widell

Svensk sommar | A Beautiful Living - Amelia Widell

Wollerton Old Hall Garden This has to be one of my favourite gardens - a real cottage garden with garden "rooms". It is pretty all summer but especially lovely at the moment with lots of highly scented, old-fashioned roses. The main shot was taken with

For any plants that climd or need support to use natural items, no plastic, metal or manufactures structures to keep the beauty to the garden. They can still be used year over year, can be free and don't distract the eye from nature.

Colorado born and raised, educated in New England, and passionate about Italy.Girasole is Italian for sunflower and can be translated to "turn to the sun." So let's follow those cheery little flowers' advice and do exactly that! Also at and

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