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Setting up my new travel friendly watercolour palette. This metal box is much lighter than my brass box and allows me to also try out new unusual colours from Daniel Smith. Latest favourites are Pienontite and Garnet Genuine from DS's Primatek range. #danielsmithwatercolors #arters #watercolor #paint #palettes

Drew Europea's watercolors: From left to right, top to bottom: Palette 1: Dr. Ph. Martin's radiant concentrated watercolors Palette 2: Shin Han watercolors & pass, Turner Acryl, & Nicker Guache Palette 3: Holbein Palette 4: Van Gogh Palette 5: Winsor & Newton Artists' grade Palette 6: W&N Cotman Pots: Sumi-e gold & silver Palette 7: Peerless Pot: Sumi-e gold Palette 8: Finet

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