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Has anyone else seen this YouTube video? I hope not.

All Alone April, Maybe next year May, Just a bridesmaid June, Just dancing alone July, Always Hoping August, Still Single September, Only Me October, Never date November!


The guys at the office think they are funny…


Grammar rules! I've done this. And sent it back with a grade on it and the response 'Is this written in peasant? I can't read that.'

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19 Reasons Socializing Is Not For You

Venerar o seu pequeno grupo de amigos íntimos, ao invés de tentar manter um grande circulo de conhecidos. | 21 coisas que os introvertidos adoram

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23 Things You'll Only Relate To If You're Slightly Obsessed With Makeup

Whoever is telling you to wear less makeup can get to leaving.

I planned to be productive today; then I got up this morning and didn't feel like it. Me. every. day. Of . My. Life.