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The dark side of the moon has always held a mystical fascination for stargazers – so when the crew of one of the first missions to orbit it heard strange music in their headsets, they were so …

Are We Martians? Chemist’s New Claim Sparks Debate

Experts including Stephen Hawking look at the value of human and robotic spaceflight

Would you prefer to eat genetically modified eggs, or see day-old chicks destroyed?

Gene therapy success in leukemia (blood cancer) Biology underlies a data storage unit, overall not so different from a data centers. There are sentries, walls, security,  monitoring as well as data replication, data loss and data corruption.  Data itself is a pretty lifeless and intangible issue and requires a host where it is expressed in a dynamic manner. Only then can data create things like the browser application in your PC-Host you are using just now, or your cells and body.  The…

Male and Female Brains Wired Differently

Terrifying ‘Orchid Mantis’ is Camouflaged to Look Exactly Like a Pink Orchid Flower In an unparalleled feat of natural selection the Orchid Mantis ( Hymenopus coronatus ) from Southeast Asia has evolved to look almost exactly like an orchid flower in order to lure unsuspecting prey. If looking like a plant isn't impressive enough the clever insect also changes color from pink to brown according to its environment.

Like lifting a giant veil, the near-infrared vision of NASA's Hubble Space Telescope uncovers a dazzling new view deep inside the Tarantula Nebula. Hubble reveals a glittering treasure trove of more than 800,000 stars and protostars embedded inside the nebula.

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Scientists Invent Erasable Printer Paper

HP says it should've better explained blocking third-party ink -