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KTF News - Canada’s Proposed Hate Speech Law Threatens Freedom of Speech

I will not force it, and you won't have to either. Love notices the smallest of details.

‘Sovereign Citizen’ Wounded in California Campground Shootout with BLM Ranger, Highway Patrol Officer | Hatewatch

"Many are familiar with Bill Ayers as a member of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and co-founder of the communist Weather Underground, from whose living room Barack Obama launched his political career. Some may not realize he repositioned himself as an educator after ten years on the run from the FBI..."

from Mail Online

Fearless World War Two woman spy who was dropped by submarine into occupied Norway before becoming Bletchley Park codebreaker dies aged 91

Fearless World War Two woman spy who slipped into occupied Norway aboard a submarine before becoming Bletchley Park codebreaker dies aged 91 Received Bletchley Park Badge and The Freedom of Bletchley Park honour for her 'vital work' in Second World War Kept code-breaking work secret - even from her family - until last year Operations helped famous sabotage attack by 'Heroes of Telemark', immortalised in 1965 film After mission was over Sigrid Green walked from Norway to Sweden.

"We continue to fail to recognize the true enemy; the ideology that not only threatens America, but the rest of Western Civilization. This ideology is diametrically opposed to the values and freedoms that Americans hold dear. It is incompatible with our United States Constitution, nevertheless our government continues to embrace this ideology, yes, even promote it within our own borders.".."The Muslim Brotherhood also is known for its desire to re-establish the Caliphate, or “Khilafah”, the…


The Vietnam War in pictures: the 35th anniversary of the fall of Saigon

Reminder of the decreasing value of the military. I distaste how some people choose this path as a back up plan or simply becuase they're lazy & see this as there only option.

Willy pictured this for his family - The American Dream. White pickett fence and all. However in this case he was expectant of his son Biff to achieve this and when he was rejected by Biff; he felt a sense of betrayal and failure.

The Red Scare - Promotion of fear against radical leftism and communism. Even though the United States economy was booming with capitalism. The Red Scare protected American family values and the settlers tradition by promoting fear against the Communist menace which threatens all modern aspects of an American society.

Always ready to defend our Constitution, liberties, and free market, family values, defence!