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Linda Vista Hospital in Los Angeles, California. This abandoned hospital has been used for many, many films, televison shows, and music videos since its retirement. Most notably to me, is this room. Used in the ER pilot episode. The set was subsequently modeled after this hospital!

Templo de la Enseñanza, Retablo. Mexico City

Piscina en Santa Cru

Chicago-Sox-Cubs-Picasso art piece.

Prompt. (Most of them never took it. Fear of retribution kept crime down in cities with hospitals. But when a travelling doctor began to go between cities that didn't...well. things began to change.)

In 1921, the Greenwood Avenue district of Tulsa, Oklahoma was an exemplar of what a motivated African American middle class could accomplish. Dubbed, "The Negro Wall Street," Greenwood Avenue was populated by successful African American families, businesses, hospitals and churches. All this would change on May 31.

Proposed Katara Hospitality Resort, Gambia | Real WoWz

Especially emotional pain. Sometimes I can't even stand to watch TV shows or movies if a character is feeling terrible because it'll ruin my day.