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I feel like Cap would have had the closest relationship with Wanda and Pietro (shut up, he's alive!), protecting them from the others and talking to them about everything from 21st century America to eventually Hydra and Bucky and the war because he understands. He understands their desire to simply help their country, just as he wanted to all those years ago.<<<<<THANK YOU <<<It's RUMOURED, ONLY RUMOURED, I repeat, A RUMOUR, that Pietro might not actually be dead and have a part in Infinity…

All I can think about is Wanda and Cosmo were a married couple and this is a crossover of that where it's Dan and Phil as Wanda and Cosmo. Conclusion Dan and Phil are an official married couple


It was stupid that they were experiments instead of mutants+Magneto's kids like in the comics, but they were still good, & I guess it was a copyright issue

TONY STARK IS A HERO -- never forget it! He spends this entire movie TRYING TO SAVE Steve, Wanda, all of them - even Bucky, after he finds out he's innocent of the Vienna bombing.

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