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A rare Iznik figurative pottery Dish Turkey, 17th Century

An Iznik pottery Tankard Turkey, circa 1575 Sold at Bonhams for £65,725

Two Kütahya figural dishes, Turkey, second half 18th Century

Two Kütahya figural dishes, Turkey, second half 18th Century

Ewer with 'Tughra-Illuminator' Style Decoration Date: 1525–40 Geography: Turkey, Iznik Culture: Islamic Medium: Stonepaste; painted in blue under transparent glaze

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Dish Place of origin: Iznik, Turkey (made) Turkey Date: ca. 1585-1600 (made) Physical description Deep dish of glazed fritware. Decorated at the centre with green leaves, surrounded by star-shaped ornaments of red and blue parallel lines; black scrolls in the interspaces, with red and green border.

An Iznik pottery Dish, Turkey, late 16th Century

Flask, 1530-1535 (circa), Iznik, Turkey, Golden Horn – Tugrakesh spiral stile. The British museum, London

A BLUE AND WHITE IZNIK POTTERY TILE, OTTOMAN TURKEY, CIRCA 1530. Of hexagonal form, the surface painted in cobalt-blue and turquoise on white ground with a central cypress tree issuing from a leafy frond, the cypress surrounded by two smaller turquoise trees each filled with a spray of flowerheads and flanked by a large curling branch of hyacinths.