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Marzano questioning strategy. This is for you @Samantha @This Home Sweet Home Blog Calsamilia

A Percy Jackson Headcanon credit to @_percy_posts_ on instagram

I feel like there is a lot in this photo. You can see her distress and the chaos around her. She's grieved, helpless, and alone. Eponine isn't my favorite character because she sings On My Own. She is my favorite because of the sacrifices she is willing to make. That even though her life and her childhood were so horrific, she still had the guts to give her love away and watch him be happy. I know some people may find her weak for loving someone so much but I think it was her greatest…

from Samantha Brown

8 American Adventures for Spectacular Fall Travel

Travel Channel's Samantha Brown's favorite fall destinations.

from OnlyInYourState

This Might Just Be The Most Beautiful Hike In All Of Idaho

Palisades Creek is a scenic wonderland for those who choose to explore it, hidden in plain sight.

from Sortrature

Impressive Food Art by Samantha Lee This is making me hungry. Tricks with only a camera! Anyone can do this. food photography baking !! Im glad I tried this. I love food. Click and learn.


Fab Finds Dress, Burgundy

"Striped Long Sleeve Pocket Dress - Burgundy"

...and they are loyal to you, never gossiping about or exploiting your sensitivities when you, or they, are feeling low (or anytime)... Friends have your back and you have theirs whether directly or indirectly. When you have found this kind of trust, you are blessed (esp by knowing enough to not settle for less which some learn the hard way). There is no substitute for this feeling. Trust...there's nothing worth more.<3

Sakura: No Sebastian... Samantha can get all the men and maybe some females too XD Samantha: =///= ACHOO! Sebastian: Here's your soup... -_-