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I Just Woke up One Day and Decided I Didn't Want to Feel like that Anymore, or Ever Again, so, I Changed.....

Discipline vs Punishment - The Science Behind

Abuse apologists<--- I think this is weirdly important. As the audience, we can easily become intellectually detached from a movie in pursuit of emotionally supporting a villain. It is nice to see some common sense, even if I still like some of the more insane villains out there (I'm looking at you, Moriarty).

Matt Smith: Gifts & Merchandise

i ship tenrose all the way!! i dont liek Martha tho. she thinks that the doctor likes her but she has nooooo idea how wrong she is... i dont like tallulah either. the ships tenmartha. i mean... COME ON!! Tallulah wouldnt be saying that if she's seen rose with the doctor.

This is pretty much me about all my memories. "Remember the time when we did blah blah blah?" "Yeah Abbey, that never happened..."