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Atmos Digitally sensuous architecture in two of Alex Haw's residential staircase projects

There's a reason no one reads these Grimm fairy tales to their kids anymore

In this blog successive pictures tell stories. If you pay attention you’ll be able to read them. They are the stories of a Pussyboy who does not believe anymore in gender binary options. He loves, indeed, a women: his wife, a Strapongirl, a woman with...

Portraits of the TV mentalist Derren Brown - a set used as the main images on his website and also in various magazines. Here is the interview I did with him, way back in 2003 for Naked - Magazine of the Weird and Wonderful MIND BENDING: The art of digital drugs mp3 here !

The strongest THC digital drug on the net, mixed in with a few other treats to give you the same mental high as if smoking but without all the harmful chemicals, give it a try and see for your self, just listen to this with headphones for the max effect, clear your mind and focus on the sound and drift away

Personalidades em forma de Mosaico

Personalidades em forma de Mosaico | Criatives | Blog Design, Inspirações, Tutoriais, Web Design

Preterm births linked to phthalates

Preterm births linked to phthalates - NBC with highest levels of these chemicals in urine had 2-5 times higher risk of preterm birth. Phthalates found in shampoos, perfumes, deodorants, processed foods, etc.