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Llegar, hacer ruido y sentarse a negociar: cómo fue la estrategia de Uber para instalarse en el mundo

Growing a Language: Guy Steele's keynote at the 1998 ACM OOPSLA conference on Growing a Language discusses the importance of and issues associated with designing a programming language that can be grown by its users.

Manifesto for Software Craftsmanship As aspiring Software Craftsmen we are raising the bar of professional software development by practicing it and helping others learn the craft. Through this work we have come to value: Not only working software, but also well-crafted software Not only responding to change, but also steadily adding value Not only individuals and interactions, but also a community of professionals Not only customer collaboration, but also productive partnerships

Scrum and agile methods promote the establishment of a product backlog. Some leaders of the Lean community feel that the product backlog is "waste." This article argues that Lean advocates that see backlogs only as "an inventory" of things to be done are making the classic mistake of viewing software development as a production process. Backlogs are fundamental to Agility.