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from Hawaiian Explorer

Swimming with Sea Turtles in Hawaii

My dream...Fun in the surf on the North Shore of #Oahu, #Hawaii

Even though this is a perfect set-up, I've had turtles, and unless you have a VERY EXPENSIVE filtering set-up or someone to clean it for you, it is very hard and a lot of work to keep the water clean! I had to change my turtles water almost every other day. I finally found a nice family with an with an outdoor pond. He is very happy there chasing gold fish! 15 Coolest Houses You Wish Your Pet Had | FREEYORK

from Craftsy

Ninja Turtles Beanie and Earflap Hat

Looking for your next project? You're going to love Ninja Turtles Beanie and Earflap Hat by designer Annie Jo.

from Etsy

Ninja Turtle Invitation, Ninja Turtles Party, Ninja Turtles Invitation, TMNT Invitation, Ninja Turtles, Invite, TMNT Party, Birthday

My favorite Ninja Turtle Invitation design! This Chalkboard TMNT Invite is perfect for any Ninja Turtles Party!

"Tied my baby turtle to a helium balloon so he could walk around without getting lost, but he was too small and the balloon floated him away. he's currently in his tank awaiting a smaller balloon or some gained weight!"

Loggerhead sea daughter's favorite and beautiful animals.

With these turtles I learned how to be as brave as Leonardo, how to be as strong as Raphael how to be as smart as Donatello and how to be as funny as Michelangelo, so that’s why I made this draw to commemorate these amazing turtles whose we know ‘em as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “TMNT”

from DIY Ready

Amazing DIY Beach Party Ideas

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