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My All About Sea Turtles Book - Ocean Animal Unit Study from Courtney McKerley on (9 pages) - This “All About Book” will be a fun addition to your classroom and lesson on sea turtles. This packet can be used along with books specific to the animal or it can be used on its own. Other animals you will see in the ocean animal series include the sea h

A Turtle Christmas Carol. Merry Christmas everyone! Raph as Ebeneezer Scrooge, Leo as the Ghost of Christmas past, Mikey as the Ghost of Christmas Present and Donnie as the Ghost of Christmas Future.

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Women's fashion | Turtle neck sweater, brown overall and sneakers

Yes - they're boxes! All my turtles are actually small boxes. The lids fit snugly so they can be hung or worn as pendants. This is a large - about 4.25" across. #debhart #rengalsa #polymerclay #polymer #clay #seaturtle #nativeamerican #pillbox #katoclay #southwesterndecor #cowgirlstyle #turtle #blackmarble #turquoise #redcoral #turtlelovers #etsygifts #seaturtlelove #seaturtleart #etsyhandmade

sea turtle... one of the coolest things I ever saw was on our trip to St. Croix. We took a boat to a private island, Buck Island, snorkeled explored. On the boat ride back to St. Croix, we saw about 2 dozen sea turtles popping up in the ocean. They were huge so amazing to see. One of my favorite moments ever.

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