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You know... These types of things make me mad... And a little upset... I hate it when people make fun of "skinnier" girls. It is a complete double standard. I'm not going to judge you for your body, so please don't judge mine.

5 beautiful navy blue dresses for curvy women - Page 2 of 5

Right... Ppl haven't seen me in person in years.. Dirty whores need to stop stalking my fucking pics and get a fucking life bitches!! #iknowmylifeisthebomb #ifiwereyouiwouldbejealoustoo #stopwishingyouhadmylifeandliveyourown

We love this ad by Nike - celebrating the curvy athletic woman. #SupaSistaLatina #Latina

Yeah, seriously! Why can't everyone just be happy with their body type and stop bashing others for theirs?

Your Body, Your Rules (another wordy post

Curvy, thick, fat, plus-sized, zaftig, Rubenesque ~ any descriptor is GOOD. You are beautiful and don't you forget it!