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top 10 time killers infographic

top 10 time killers infographic

The first television series to hold my attention in quite some time..

Boxtopoly Rocks! I made this game board using poster board and dedicated hours on the computer. Laminated with Clear Contac rolls and our school still uses. Best to run this during the month before submissions are due so you get a lot turned in, and the school gets paid in a timely manner. 10 BTs gets to move up 1 space. Highest amount submitted wins! However, hold off on results the last week to keep everyone guessing. The prize: top 2 classes get a sock ball fight. (kinda like snowball…

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Top 10 Badass James Bond Fights

Tee Hee, Live and Let Die 007 James Bond


Well, he was before, but then he became friends with the Sandman and he couldn't have won that war if he had brought himself to it.

I love Roxas, but this is so true. I am still not sure how Sora realistically took on 1000 heartless alone, but why overanalyse a videogame.

NCIS : Enquêtes spéciales : photo Mark Harmon

Muhammad Ali. Spoils of war in the boxing ring.