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Human! Ying & Yang! I got bored, so I did this. Ying and Yang are like good and evil, dark and light ya? SO they are pretty much like opposite twins. It's weird.

Cocteau Twins My daughters names are Siren, Amelia, Vina Evangeline, & Stella Lorelei. It's safe to say I am a fan.

championhawke: ieatpizzanottragedies: Omg cipher twins au I just love this au where Dipper is Bill and Bill is Dipper. Idk if it makes sense but yeah And imagine Mabel as Will from reverse falls And Will as Mabel (which means Bill’s twin) It would be so mindfucking but so good @vel0cit-y isnt this your art?  (reblogging on my art blog) it is….(´・_・`) this has been reposted before too, pls guys just reblog the originaL

yamino: kateordie: annachronism: cottonillust: I wanna draw Lemongrabs with my style, Lemonfrankensteins. Bubblegum is so mad scientist. Gumball must be a mad chef,too. And created twin lemon girls. I’m gonna call them Lemondrops ‘cause it’s contrary to ‘grab’.