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Human! Ying & Yang! I got bored, so I did this. Ying and Yang are like good and evil, dark and light ya? SO they are pretty much like opposite twins. It's weird.

Tilda Swinton's 17-year-old twins Xavier and Honor attend Drumduan Upper School, which Swinton co-founded in 2013. It's based on the radical Steiner education system. The actress says “There’s no grading, no testing at all. My children are now 17, and they will go through this school without any tests at any time, so it’s incredibly art-based, practical learning. For example, they learn their science by building a Canadian canoe, or making a knife, or caramelising onions. And they’re all…

I decided to draw the Lutece twins Rosalind and Robert. My sister recently bought Bioshock Infinite and it is SO COOL! The twins are my favorite! The game is VERY violent but it has a REALLY good story! These two are still a mystery to me right now. But apparently they were killed. But they aren't actually dead? But they are? But they are not? It's confusing anyway I'm going to redraw this digitally, just wanted you to see it now because I'm so exited about it for no reason!

championhawke: ieatpizzanottragedies: Omg cipher twins au I just love this au where Dipper is Bill and Bill is Dipper. Idk if it makes sense but yeah And imagine Mabel as Will from reverse falls And Will as Mabel (which means Bill’s twin) It would be so mindfucking but so good @vel0cit-y isnt this your art? (reblogging on my art blog) it is….(´・_・`) this has been reposted before too, pls guys just reblog the originaL

A bookcase storage bed! The lattice-work sections have different-colored inserts so you can customize the look, even make each section different. I love the doors and bins in the base, and the nooks in the headboard. It comes in both full and twin, and the twin is only $599. For that I could use this as a comfy reading bed/chaise in my spare room. It's in the Art Van Furniture Clearance Center, part of the ikidz line.

Little Twin Stars nail art. Probably would never have my nails done in this way, but I still think it's cute...and excessive.

I love the art of Sugarboo Designs, especially for childrens rooms. As parents, we are filled with love, hope and dreams for our children - and Sugarboo captures all of that and more. I think my twins might need this. If Let it be something good, is all they learn, I think Ive done my job! Sugarboo Designs (SAMS G-2000) #hpmkt traci-zeller

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