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Monica & Chandler <3 ~*~Sometimes your backup plan becomes THE plan. But somehow that's what you really wanted all along.~*~SB

Always thought back to this episode of ben being born when chandler and monica got together

Monica and Chandler

And when you think about what Friends would be like now, you firmly believe Monica and Chandler’s marriage has lasted.

Monica  Chandler's Wedding; the day after.      |     I just watched this episode !

"I'll never be a bride again. Now I'm just someone's wife." - Monica Chandler is the cutest

Monika & Chandler

Monica and Chandler, the early years ~ Friends: Season Episode 23 ~ The One With The Chicken Pox

Friends Inspired Candles. All characters have their own scents. Chandler Bing, Monica Gellar, Phoebe Buffay, Joey Tribbiani, Rachel Green, Ross Gellar

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10 Of Chandler’s Best Lines… | B for Bel

Because life is always better with a sarcastic comment And this is why he is my favorite character on Friends! 10 Of Chandler’s Best Lines

Why Chandler Bing Is Like The Teenage Girl Inside Of All Of Us

Why Chandler Bing Is Like The Teenage Girl Inside Of All Of Us