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Gleason has been adopted from Petco in Renton, a Seattle Humane satellite location.

Meet Lainey! Lainey is a 2-month old male Labrador Retriever-Visla mix who is waiting for you to come meet him at Seattle Humane! Lainey was ADOPTED! from Seattle Humane, July 2016

Meet Blizzard, a 3-year-old Siberian Husky mix, who would love to be your adventure buddy. He's a happy boy who loves to explore, and would happily trade you a bunch of tail wags and kisses for a good chin scratch or tummy rub. He loves showing off all the cool smells he finds on the trails with his human. At the end of the day, he's happy to settle down at your feet until it's time to play again. Blizzard was ADOPTED! from Seattle Humane, January 2016

Grizz is a cute little guy who has a big heart. He enjoys spending time with people and going for short walks, especially on sunny days! Grizz was ADOPTED! from Seattle Humane, March 2016

Luna is a 2-month old female Labrador Retriever-Vizsla mix who is ready for her forever home! Luna was ADOPTED! from Seattle Humane, July 2016

Madison is a mature lady who is a 6-year-old Chihuahua mix filled with nothing but love. With her bright eyes and perky ears, she doesn't miss much. Madison was ADOPTED! from Seattle Humane, March 2016

Beautiful Cocoa is a 5-year-old Hound mix with a sleek brindle coat, white paws and chest. She is just as sweet as she is lovely. Cocoa likes to give kisses and to lean her head against you while she basks in your affection. She is charming beyond words. Cocoa was ADOPTED! from Seattle Humane, November 2015

Meet Mark, a 2-year-old Short Coat Chihuahua mix who is ready to go home with you and be your best friend! Like some people, this little mister is a little bit shy at first, but as soon as he figures out you're cool, it's all love love LOVE. He is very sweet, a good walker, and also very skilled at snuggling while watching Netflix or the like. Mark was ADOPTED! from Seattle Humane, July 2016

Jessie is a handsome black/tan Doberman Pinscher who is just 3-years-old and is filled with a zest for life. This happy boy does the Doberman spin dance when he meets anyone new. He's always got a smile on his face that's sure to put one on yours, too! With such long legs he's ready to take on any adventure you might have in mind. Jessie was ADOPTED! from Seattle Humane, April 2016

Introducing Bonnie, a 2 year old German Shepard with a heart of gold! Bonnie is well mannered and oh so lovely! Bonnie was ADOPTED! from Seattle Humane, November 2016