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The History of Wedding Vows - An image from a discussion on The Recent History of Marriage Vows Giving.... Boy have things changed! by Dr. Linda -

Celebrity Wedding Officiator to marry couple on a boat dock. In their honour, Dr. Linda created this image and quote. The ceremony is being custom written to include original and place-specific wording. Dr. Linda is available to write your marriage ceremony.

"Contemplate Future", inspired by Designer Wedding Vows written by Celebrity Wedding Officiator, Dr. Linda -

"It's About Time" - Engagement or Proposal of Marriage Vows written by Dr. Linda, A Celebrity Officiator -

"Wedding Officiator's Job Description" By Celebrity Wedding Officiator - Dr. Linda - Yes, it is in my job description!

"Bluesy" bride's entrance announced by a saxophonist! Setting a wedding ceremony theme's tone is fun! Dr. Linda, Legallymarried, The Clergy Network &

Say What? Who Is Really Listening To The Wedding Ceremony...? Did They Miss Your Wedding Ceremony On Purpose? The Problem Of The Boring Wedding Ceremony! By Celebrity Wedding Officiator, Dr. Linda -

"Relentless" New 2014 Marriage Vow by Dr. Linda, A Celebrity Wedding Officiator. Would you describe your love for a fiance or spouse as "Relentless?"

"Wedding Bell Blues Is Not Her Blue" By Dr. Linda Wainwright Trott - Wedding Custom - Something Blue -

"The Wedding Grinch" By Dr. Linda - Inspired by a stressed bride, just days before her wedding. And, Dr. Linda's remembering she and her father's walk down the aisle! By Dr. Linda - Celebrity Wedding Officiator -