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World's First Fully Functional Hoverboard Is Finally Here!

WinX DVD Copy Pro Allows Carefree Cloning Of Your DVDs [Giveaway]

Did you know it's legal to backup a purchased DVD if you have no intent to sell or redistribute it? Today we're taking a closer look at WinX DVD Copy Pro.

4 Reasons Why People Avoid Getting A POS Receipt Printer

Some of you might remember CVS Caremark's insanely long receipts and how they wasted paper. But, there could be great benefits using a POS receipt printer.

Top 10 Tips To Save Battery Life In iOS 8 [Video]

Share This article There are a lot of ways to track a device. You can track its physical address in the internet, but that can be obscured. You can track the profiles and logins used to access diff…

5 Common Killers Of Good Visual Email Marketing Design

Email marketing can be tricky business, but if you avoid these five common killers of good email marketing design, you can increase your chances of success.

TextBlade Is The Portable Physical Keyboard For iPhone 6

Still looking for a physical keyboard for your iPhone? TextBlade might just be exactly what you are looking for with its slim and edgy portable design.

Mini Power Is The Smallest Portable Smartphone Battery Charger Yet

Imagine walking into a convenience store and buying six hours of extra standby time for your phone. This cool concept battery could make that scenario possible, and in an environmentally friendly way.