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the ABIGALE | large macrame wall hanging | macrame curtain | wedding | photography backdrop | statement piece | bohemian decor by CheyenneMoonDesigns on Etsy

How to Make a Diamond Mesh // This video shows you how to Tie Diamond Mesh using Clove Hitch Knots. It is decorative and used in Macrame wall hangings and Jewelry. // This video shows 5 cords at 5 feet each. Since folded in half there is now 10 cords, 1-10 from left to right. For the sake of time, I tied one side of Diagonal Clove Hitch Knots using cords 1-5, which I'll explain how to do below. Remember, you re-number the cords after each row is complete. // For the left side, using cord 5…

The Art Of Macramé And How It Can Be Used Around The Home