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Exercises to Relax Neck & Shoulder Muscles

Fibromyalgia is a very common condition that produces widespread pain – especially in the neck and shoulders. Howard Smith, MD, explains what fibromyalgia is and how exercise, cognitive behavioral therapy and new medications can help.

Workout Series: Back Exercises I

Are looking to tone your back muscles for the holiday dress season? Come to today and find back exercises that will have you toned up in no time.

8 Myths About Your Back - Busted

8 Myths About Your Back -- Busted eg exercise can hurt your back & cause pain

6 Simple Stretches for Neck Pain and Stiff Shoulders

Whether you are in an office chair all day or maybe slept in a weird position, neck pain happens to all of us. Not only is it annoying and uncomfortable, but it can also lead to headaches and serious problems with your upper back. Here are 6 simple exercises to stretch the muscles of the neck and shoulders. This is not only useful, but …

Dr Oz explained that feelings of numbness and tingling could be symptoms of a more serious condition, such as Cervical Spondylosis or Diabetic Neuropathy.

The Best Exercises To Treat Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is often the result of a number of factors relating to one’s lifestyle. Here are exercises that will help cope with and cure lower back pain