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This is by FAR the best Sehun GIF of all time!! | EXO Facts

EXO Lay - awesome.. I can't help but laugh the same way every time it loops... gorgeous..

"I'm not entirely sure why this is funny... - Chanyeol & Xiumin"

"They all look the same" "are they gay?" "Those Ching Chong groups" my reaction: this. (GIF)

DAMN IT KAI! KIM JONG IN NO! NO STOP! STOP IT RIGHT NOW! -fangirls- For hells same Kim Jong In .____.)

Unseen video of EXO's kung fu panda Tao and his dad. This makes me so happy...and sad lol #Kpop gif

I think he just pulled off being creepy and squishy at the same time...